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2024 Season Registration

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2023 Fall Wrestling Practice Registration

This link is to register for Fall Wrestling Practice, which ends 12/31/23 and does not count towards the 2024 season.

To register for the 2024 season, please use the link at the top of the page.

Buffalo Wild Wings North is home to Gorilla Club Gaming. Enjoy some great food and support our club by  playing Black Jack or E-tabs!

Gorilla Wrestling Clothing Store

The Gorilla Wrestling Clothing Store is open!


Gorilla Wrestling Club

Gorilla Wrestling Club promotes the sport of wrestling and the opportunity for wrestlers of all ages to participate in wrestling on a competitive basis. Promote self-esteem, discipline, and camaraderie through club participation, practices and competition. Promote and encourage family involvement, sportsmanship, and social interaction. We have an ENTHUSIASTIC coaching staff willing to work with each and every child to make them a better wrestler. Our Focus is to teach the basic fundamentals of wrestling as well as having fun.

    2023 Gorilla Tournament


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    Justin DeCoteau

    Justin DeCoteau

    Board Vice President/Head Coach

    Phone: 701-391-2537

    Brian Fettig

    Brian Fettig

    Board President/Assistant Coach

    Phone: 701-226-8044